• 9th Mar 2020

    Manuel Ocampo is included in the 22nd Biennale of Sydney: NIRIN, curated by Brook Andrew, showing a suite of new large-scale paintings in the Turbine Hall at Cockatoo Island.

    Titled 'La Buena Vida' ('The Good Life'), the series of paintings brings together seemingly disparate imagery pulled from sources including cartoons from magazines, satirical comics and newspapers; references to the Philippine-American war (1899–1902); and American and European modernist paintings.

    ​In response to the theme of the Biennale: NIRIN (a Wiradjuri word meaning 'edge'), Ocampo states: ​"I am reminded of medieval copyists of biblical manuscripts where the texts are adorned in the margins with images. The margin is where one can paint capricious images challenging the dominant text of the manuscript. The images permit one to contradict oneself, to be irreverent, and impious."

    ​22nd Biennale of Sydney
    14 March – 8 June 2020

    ​image: Manuel Ocampo 'Breaktime in the Critical Studies Dept' 2020

  • 9th Mar 2020

    Patrick Pound is currently included in the exhibition 'Walker Evans Revisited' at Kunsthalle Mannheim, as part of the 2020 German Photo Biennale: 'The Lives and Loves of Images'.

    The exhibition brings together two kinds of response from contemporary artists and photographers. Firstly, there is the continuation and extension of Evans’ ways of photographing everyday life. Secondly, the exhibition presents a variety of projects by artists responding very directly to particular images and projects by Evans, ranging from appropriation and collage, to re-imaginings and homage.

    Curated by David Campany, the Biennale rolls out across three cities, six museums and an extensive programme of talks, discussions and workshops until 26 April.

    ​image: Patrick Pound 'People in Tears' (detail) 2020

  • 7th Mar 2020

    Adam Lee recently spoke with ​Yoshino on the podcast 'Artist Decoded'.

    This is the second podcast episode they have recorded together, and covers such topics as Adam's thoughts about taking a more specific and personal approach to his work and using art to process and understand life's difficult experiences.

    ​You can listen to the episode online now at Artist Decoded

  • 6th Mar 2020

    Tom Polo is included in the exhibition ‘Contact Us’, alongside Emma Finneran and Campbell Patterson, opening tonight at Cement Fondu. ​ ​The exhibition invites the three artists to trace gestures and other ethereal and tangible actions through video, installation and painting. It is on until 3 May. ​Tom Polo hones in on the physical and emotional zones of contact between people, to describe the modes of our interpersonal relationships and the trace we leave on each other in touch and tone. In doing this, Polo thinks about how our hands, eyes and mouths act as the communicative pit-stop between desire and will. ​ image: Tom Polo, 'Contact Us', 2020 (installation view).
  • 3rd Mar 2020

    Michelle Ussher is included in the exhibition 'Making Her Mark: Selected Works from the Collections', which just opened at the TarraWarra Museum of Art.

    ​The exhibition explores themes arising from works by women artists in the collection – such as memory, landscape and abstraction – and also includes a modest selection of works by male artists that amplify these images, ideas and styles. On until 16 April.

    ​image: Michelle Ussher 'Two Eyeballs on the Run — Looking for a New Head to House. Part One' 2012 (detail; installation view)

  • 20th Feb 2020

    Ronnie van Hout and Patrick Pound are included in 'Shadow catchers', a collection exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, opening 22 February. ​ The exhibition contends with the complexity of the photographic and filmic mediums and the way images both reflect and refract reality. On until 17 May. ​ ​image: Ronnie van Hout, 'Handwalk', 2015 (video still).
  • 12th Feb 2020

    Nell, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Sarah Contos, Jonny Niesche, Jason Phu, Tom Polo, Reko Rennie and Marian Tubbs have donated works to HOME: Bushfire Relief Art Auction Fundraiser, happening tonight.

    Over sixty of Australia’s leading and emerging contemporary artists are working in solidarity to raise funds for the Australian bushfire crisis for a one night only live and silent art auction event.

    All proceeds will be donated to The Climate Council, WWF Australia and Firesticks Alliance.

    Wednesday 12 February, 7–10pm
    National Art School, Sydney

    image: Nell ‘THE SONG OF WATER’ 2019

  • 6th Feb 2020

    Joshua Petherick, in collaboration with Lewis Fidock, presents 'Weevils in the Flour' at Gertrude Contemporary, opening tomorrow, Friday 7 February, 6–8pm. The exhibition will be on until 22 March. ​ ​In parallel with their solo practices, Lewis Fidock and Joshua Petherick have been collaborating intermittently since 2016. Working predominantly in sculpture, the artists engage strategies of artifice, to consider and obfuscate the relationship between objects and time, archaeology and preservation, history and future. Presenting such objects within the environment of the gallery, Fidock and Petherick offer propositions and speculations that entangle the real world with the realm of alternative narratives for how objects might reflect, challenge or disrupt histories and systems and hierarchies of cultural and economic value attribution. ​ image: Joshua Petherick and Lewis Fidock, 'found image from a special effects manual' 2020.
  • 29th Jan 2020

    André Piguet and Jackson Slattery's limited edition Stonehouse-Glasshouse publication is launching at Gertrude Glasshouse upstairs, tomorrow night, Thursday 30 January, 6–8pm. All welcome. ​ ​The publication details the artists' joint residency at Stonehouse in Chenaud, France, which they undertook in 2018, and the subsequent exhibition 'La Dronne' at Gertrude Glasshouse in January 2019. ​The book will be available for sale on the night. ​ image: André Piguet and Jackson Slattery, 'Stonehouse-Glasshouse Residency 2018', 2020.
  • 26th Jan 2020

    Reko Rennie has been commissioned by Carriageworks to create a 'REMEMBER ME', a large-scale illuminated text work, positioned at their entrance as part of the 2020 Summer Commissions Program. ​ In the 250th year since Captain James Cook’s first landfall at Kamay Botany Bay and the HMB Endeavour’s charting of the east coast of Australia, Rennie has created a present-day memorial in recognition of the frontier wars, the massacres and the survival of the original sovereigns of this country – the Aboriginal people of Australia. ​The completion of this work has been delayed by unforeseen installation issues compounded by recent environmental conditions. Once launched, it will remain on display until January 2021. ​ ​image: Reko Rennie 'REMEMBER ME', 2020, Carriageworks. Photo: Zan Wimberley.