• 31st Aug 2018

    Nell will be exhibiting a group of works in This Wild Song at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn, Melbourne. The exhibition celebrates the strong female leaders in the arts community. Coming from varied backgrounds and working in a diverse range of mediums, the featured artists are unified by their unique voices and distinct style.

    Opening tomorrow Saturday 1 September, the exhibition runs until 21 October.

    (image: Nell ‘In the street of the blind, the one-eyed man is called the Guiding Light’ 2016-17)

  • 23rd Aug 2018

    Tom Polo has been selected as one of the artists in the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ lineup for The National 2019. Held in collaboration with Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art, the 2019 iteration will continue the project’s curatorial ambitions as a large-scale survey of contemporary Australian art in the form of three distinct exhibitions that explore overlapping themes including hierarchy and power, dystopic futures, and ritual and improvisation. Opening 29 March 2019.

    (image: #TomPolo, rescue/remedy, 2018)

  • 22nd Aug 2018

    Jon Cattapan’s solo exhibition The Spaces of and Between opens this Friday 24 August at Rockhampton Art Gallery. The exhibition depicts urban topographies and the way human beings claim territory.  Through the lens of surveillance and conflict, Cattapan's vistas and their ‘hard waste’ detritus also invoke questions around the makeshift nature of contemporary urban life and its fluid sociology. For the first time these paintings have been brought together with additional works made as a result of his experience in Timor Leste as the 63rd official Australian War Artist. Which included a suite of haunting night vision photographic images recorded on night patrols.

    The exhibition runs until 25 November.

    (image: Jon Cattapan ‘Night Figures (Gleno)’ 2009)

  • 22nd Aug 2018

    Steve Carr’s Chasing the Light is a spectacular and immersive new project that will be presented at the Christchurch Art Gallery next month. In a darkened gallery, six large-scale video projections explore the poetics of an explosive display and register the transformation of fire into smoke. Cameras chase the action from multiple viewpoints, placing the viewer in the middle of a beautiful and bewildering night-time adventure.
    Opening 8 September the exhibition runs until 10 February 2019

    (image: Steve Carr 'Chasing the Light’ (details) 2018)

  • 20th Aug 2018

    Work by Marian Tubbs is currently on view at the Benalla Art Gallery in ‘Looking But Not Seeing’, an exhibition of contemporary Australian photographic practices. The show highlights the growing expressive nature of the photographic medium and brings together the work of six artists who are engaging with questions of what photography is now and where it is going. ‘Looking But Not Seeing’ officially opens on Sunday September 2, 3-5pm with an introduction by exhibition curator Kiron Robinson.

    (image: MarianTubbs, the organism is sympathetic to multiple applications, 2018)

  • 9th Aug 2018

    Patrick Pound’s major exhibition On Reflection opens this weekend at City Gallery, Wellington, NZ. For the exhibition Pound has shuffled his private holdings with Te Papa’s national collections, continuing to invert the typical power dynamic between artist and institution. Constantly playing on ideas about mirroring and the double, the show is organised as a vast palindrome or Rorschach test. Merging high and low, Pound's On Reflection presents a wondrous "museums of things”.

    Opening this Saturday 11 August, the exhibition runs until 4 November.

  • 7th Aug 2018

    Work by Patrick Lundberg will be exhibited in ‘Painting Amongst Other Things’, a multi-venue exhibition and symposium project in Canberra, initiated by Raqeul Ormella and Peter Alwast of the Painting Workshop at the School of Art and Design, ANU. The project considers works which have set out to expand the common definition of painting. From paintings that move beyond the picture plane to embrace physical space as installation; to works that employ novel technical, mechanical, or digital methods of production to reappraise authenticity; to artists who utilise materials and motifs which are intended to destabilise the aesthetic canon - the works involved in the project are provocative in their approach and ambition.

    Patrick’s work can be viewed at the ANCA Gallery in a group show curated by Oscar Capezio, from 8 - 26 August.

    (image: Patrick Lundberg 'No title’ 2017 (detail))

  • 5th Aug 2018

    Ronnie van Hout’s commission for the Bendigo Art Gallery in conjunction with the Melbourne Art Foundation was unveiled this week at the Melbourne Art Fair. ‘Surrender’ features two larger than life toy soldiers bent over in a gesture of surrender to an unknown conqueror. The work is situated in relation to the war memorial, where the language of memory most often belongs to the victor, but in these sculptures van Hout monumentalises the capitulator and memorialises the idea of giving up and letting go. At the closure of the fair the sculptures will become part of the Bendigo Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

    (image courtesy of the Bendigo Advertiser) 

  • 4th Aug 2018

    The 2018 TarraWarra Biennial ‘From Will To Form’ opens today, with a site responsive sculpture by Isadora Vaughan and Michelle Ussher’s newly executed ceramic and painterly pieces joining the work of 22 other artists and artist groups. Curated by Emily Cormack, the Biennal considers how the wild, intangible forces that animate behaviour might be present within an artwork. Continues until 6 November. (image: Isadora Vaughan ‘Canker Sore’ 2018)

  • 26th Jul 2018

    Sarah Contos has been awarded a 2019 Studio Scholarship at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris by the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Recipients of these prestigious scholarships stay at one of two of the AGNSW studios at the Cité Internationale des Arts – either two months at the Moya Dyring Memorial Studio or three months at the Dr Denise Hickey Memorial Studio.

    (image credit: Lisa Mattiazzi)