• 14th Jun 2019

    Tom Polo’s first major publication is now available: 'Tom Polo – Paris Drawings: The Most Elaborate Disguise', published by Perimeter Editions in partnership with STATION.

    The publication documents the suite of forty-eight works on paper Tom created in Paris during his residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts as recipient of the 2015 Brett Whitley scholarship. Featuring an essay by Justin Paton – Head Curator of International Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney – this book offers a lively vantage one of Australia's most intriguing young painters. Here, as with much of his broader practice, Polo subtly and poetically withholds as much as he reveals.

    A significant presentation of 'The Most Elaborate Disguise' is currently on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales as part of 'The National: New Australian Art', until 21 July.

  • 13th Jun 2019

    Marian Tubbs and Daniel Boyd are in 'Caught Stealing' at NAS Gallery, opening tonight.

    'Caught Stealing' features artists who mobilise theft as an artistic strategy in their work. A century after the first Dada photomontages, misappropriation continues in the diverse practices of artists demanding social justice, revisions of history, and ecological awareness.

    The exhibition runs until 10 August.

    (image: Marian Tubbs 'contemporary monsters redux' (video still) 2019)

  • 7th Jun 2019

    This work by Sven 't Jolle from his 2018 solo exhibition at STATION, 'People are bad, for the economy / a work in progress', has travelled to Hobart to be included in 'Simon Denny: MINE' at MONA, Museum of Old and New Art.

    Sarah Contos and Ronnie van Hout are also included in 'MINE'. The exhibition includes an assemblage of sculptures by various artists that depict humans at work, navigating a thorny relationship between technology, development, and human labour.

    The exhibition opens tomorrow and runs until 13 April 2020.

    (image: Sven 't Jolle 'Slow Down Work In Progress (In Progress)' 2018)

  • 6th Jun 2019

    Consuelo Cavaniglia has works included in 'Concrete E X P A N D E D' at Holmes à Court Gallery @ Vasse Felix, Perth, on now until 22 September.

    In this exhibition, large-scale, hard edged, minimal, abstract and pure colour paintings are joined by three-dimensional wall-works, actual concrete sculpture, light sculptures and ephemeral light works. Together these works coalesce and converse in philosophical questions of form, aesthetic experience and existence.

    (image: Consuelo Cavaniglia 'Untitled (blue mirror)' 2013)

  • 3rd Jun 2019

    Patrick Pound's solo exhibition 'Photography and air', as a part of PHoto ESPAÑA, opens at the Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid today. 

    Five hundred snapshots from Pound's archive, as well as nineteen works belonging to the Museum, will be on display. This is another iteration of Pound's continuing project of assembling hybrid collections that capture visual representations of air. 

    The exhibition continues until 25 August. 

    (image: 'Anonymous'. Archive of Patrick Pound)

  • 26th May 2019

    Work by Daniel Boyd is included in 'Where the Oceans Meet' at the Museum of Art and Design, Miami. Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Asad Raza, Gabriela Rangel, and Rina Carvajal the exhibition engages two key figures who devoted their work to thinking through borders, both physical and ideological: the Cuban painter, scholar, and ethnographer Lydia Cabrera and the Martinican philosopher, poet, and literary critic Édouard Glissant. In dialogue with the ideas of Cabrera and Glissant, the artists in this exhibition grapple with some of today’s most urgent and transcultural issues: diaspora, race, gender, memory, history, ritual, violence, and hospitality.

    Opening today, 26 May, the exhibition continues until 29 September. 

    On 26 May, Daniel Boyd along with fellow artist Andros Zins-Browne will join curators Asad Raza and Rina Carvajal to consider ideas that underlie the exhibition.

  • 23rd May 2019

    Isadora Vaughan's solo exhibition 'Bilirubin Bezoar' opens at Gertrude Glasshouse this evening.

    The title of Vaughan’s presentation co-joins the names of a chemical compound formed by the breakdown of dead blood cells in the body, inherent in the yellow colourisation of bruises (bilirubin) ­– and a small stony concretion formed in the stomachs of certain animals, and historically used as an antidote to particular poisons (bezoar). The exhibition extends Vaughan’s interest in expanded material experimentation and elaborating a visceral interpretation of anatomical surface, composition and transformation. In this installation, the artist blankets the surface of the floor to create an environment that forms a skin, upon which audiences must navigate a pathway through. Appearing as an environment akin to a forest floor, yet one that also connotes an infestation or infection of a bodily surface, the installation takes form like an alchemist’s manufacture of a new form of anatomy. Departing purposefully from the physical representation of the human form, Vaughan instead presents a setting of unnerving viscosity, metamorphosis and decay that suggests a conduit between and a collapsing of the body and the environment.

    Current until 22 June.

    (image: Isadora Vaughan 'Bilirubin Bezoar' 2019 (progress image))

  • 18th May 2019

    Manuel Ocampo's solo exhibition, 'Ideological Mashup/Remix', at STPI in Singapore opens today, showcasing new works on paper and prints created on site at the STPI workshop. 

    Ocampo continues to employ symbols and iconography that straddle between accessibility and ambiguity. Developing print and paper experimentations in a collaborative setting which required a different momentum and mode of production, therefore imbuing variations of old imagery with new techniques and approaches.

    The exhibition continues until 22 June. 

    (image: Manuel Ocampo 'Ideological Mashup/Remix' 2019 (installation view))


  • 18th May 2019

    Works by Consuelo Cavaniglia and Jonny Niesche appear in the exhibition ‘IN-FORMALISM’, curated by Ruark Lewis and Andrew Leslie, at Casula Powerhouse, Sydney.

    IN-FORMALISM witnesses the evolution of abstract non-objective art in Australia from 1968, surveying the key generations of artists who have contributed to the ongoing language of abstract art.

    (image: Jonny Niesche ‘I mix with the world, the world mixes with me’ 2019)

  • 15th May 2019

    Sarah Contos' 2017 Ramsay Prize winning work 'Sarah Contos Presents: The Long Kiss Goodbye' is currently on display at the Art Gallery of South Australia in the exhibition 'Femmage'.

    Drawn from the collection, many of the works on display combine or collage materials, including paint, photographic imagery and fabric to reference themes pertaining to women and identity.

    'Femmage' is showing until 1 September 2019.

    (image: Sarah Contos 'The Long Kiss Goodbye' 2017. Photo: Paul Steed)