• 13th Jan 2016

    Jonny Niesche will be presenting his first solo exhibition in Austria at the

    New Jörg Kunstverein

    in Wein this month. Taking it's tongue-in-cheek title from the institution itself, a name often misheard as "New York".

    New Jörg, New Jörg

    (a reference to the song most famously attributed to Frank Sinatra) continues Niesche's exploration of Modernist ideals composed from hyper-contemporary materials and processes, whilst pointing to the truth that we all hear what we want to hear. Opening on January 15 the exhibition runs until January 23.
  • 17th Nov 2015

    Patrick Lundberg is presenting new works in

    Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show

    at the

    Auckland Art Gallery

    later this month. The exhibition, through suggestion and proposition, invite the viewer into a conversation that, rather than being constrained by the ties of narrative painting, are speculative and forward-looking. That in the end open up the language of painting into new realms. Opening on the 28th of November the exhibition runs until the 4th of April 2016. (image: Patrick Lundberg 'No Title' 2014)
  • 30th Oct 2015

    The documentary on Ronnie van Hout's band Into The Void will be having a season of screenings next month at Longplay, Northcote.

  • 28th Oct 2015

    Daniel Boyd has been announced as one of the participants in Stephanie Rosenthal’s 2016 Biennale of Sydney, The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed. Drawing inspiration from a line by famed science fiction author William Gibson, this iteration of the Biennale will explore how the common distinction between the virtual and the physical has become even more elusive. Specifically looking at relevant themes to the 21st century: the occupation of land, racism, climate change and the huge advances in technology. The Biennale of Sydney runs from March 18th until June 5th 2015 in various locations throughout Sydney.

  • 13th Oct 2015

    Tony Schwensen will be presenting a new video work at Bus Projects this October, titled Great America the work continues Schwensen's artistic interweaving of fact, fiction, myth and propaganda. Specifically, Great Ameriaca delves in Schwensen's current research into the contrasting socio-political history of the United States as a behavioral conditioner against the performative behavior of traumatized hominids. Constructing a version of a history/mythology that collapses in on itself through its inherent contradictions, as official histories tend to do under scrutiny. Opening on the 21st of October the exhibition continues until the 7th of November.
    (image: Tony Schwensen Great America (detail) 2015)
  • 9th Sep 2015

    Gareth Sansom and Nell have been included in the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Magic Object. Since 1990 the Adelaide Biennial has been one of the country’s formidable representations of contemporary art, this year being no exception with many of the included works possessing a materiality akin to trickery or magic, with their tendencies to be slightly bizarre and duplicitous. Set across multiple locations in the city of Adelaide, the biennial runs from the 27th of February until the 15th of May, 2016.
    (image: Gareth Sansom ‘A universal timeless allegory’ 2014)
  • 21st Aug 2015

    Daniel Boyd has been awarded the inaugural Young Artist Award by the Melbourne Art Foundation. This new award recognises the significance of a young artist’s practice of up to 35 years, and was awarded to Boyd by curator Max Delany at the foundation’s Awards for the Visual Arts Dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria

    (image: Daniel Boyd 'Untitled' 2015)

  • 13th Aug 2015

    Tom Polo has been awarded the 2015 Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship. Presented to a young artist with an established body of work who is best able to demonstrate the benefit of the scholarship to further their art education in Europe; the award was created by Mrs Beryl Whiteley in memory of her son and is administered by the Brett Whiteley Studio and the Art Gallery of NSW.

    (image: Tom Polo All she needs 2015)

  • 5th Aug 2015

    Ronnie van Hout will be presenting The Dark Pool at the Centre for Contemporary Photography as apart of the 2015 Melbourne Festival this October. Taking it's concept from the notion of withdrawing from society — specifically when art crosses a line where society turns against it; Hout finds key examples with the successful American toy company Aurora and in the director Stanley Kurbick’s respective closure and retreat from public life. Questioning how exactly can an interactive children’s toys, and a movie be so bad for you? Being forced to return to the dark pool. The exhibition will be on from the 2nd of October until the 15th of November. 

    (image: Ronnie van Hout Punk on a Bed 2015, painted mdf, painted polyurethane and fibreglass on polystyrene, wig, clothing)

  • 13th Jul 2015

    Anna Kristensen has been included in Sold State, an exhibition that looks at solid-state physics concerns with the properties and structures of solid objects. The science focuses on the arrangement of closely packed molecules that form a larger whole. Using this premise, the exhibition will investigate the physical structure of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre as the architectural remains of a powerhouse. The exhibition runs from the 18th of July until the 6th of September 2015.