• 17th Mar 2016

    Ronnie van Hout will be exhibiting works along side 9 other artists at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne in conjunction with the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Is This Thing On? is a celebration of humour, wit and weirdness, and like comedians, risk  humiliation, insult and indifference.

    Opening on March 18 the exhibition runs until 24 April.

    (image: Ronnie van Hout 'Punk on a Bed' 2015)

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  • 15th Mar 2016

    Patrick Lundberg will be presenting works along side Richard Frater in the exhibition Forget me, forget me at North Projects in Christchurch this March.

    Opening on 24 March the exhibition runs until 16 April.

  • 11th Mar 2016

    Patrick Lundberg will be one of five artists presenting recent works in Economy, an exhibition of abstract and semi-figurative paintings that are characterised by subtlety and sometimes humour. Curated by Serena Bentley at West Space, Economy highlights the artists’ varied approaches to materiality, as evidenced in the application of paint or pigments to canvas and found materials. Together, their practices intersect through a shared interest in the expanded possibilities of painting and in the creation of works defined by a certain economic incisiveness.

    Opening on 17 March the exhibition runs until 16 April

    (image: Patrick Lundberg 'No title 1', 2014)


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  • 8th Mar 2016

    Michelle Ussher will be presenting a group of works in Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light at Heide Museum of Modern Art this March. This exhibition of moving image, performance, painting and object-based works by contemporary Australian artists creates a spatio-temporal and visually immersive environment. With movement, light and elements of performance being variously utilised by the exhibiting artists to explore ideas about perception and time, and to evoke a sense of otherworldliness or dreams.

    Opening on March 8 the exhibition runs until 5 June.

    (image: Michelle Ussher 'Tweak my Tendril' 2015')


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  • 23rd Feb 2016

    Tom Polo will be undertaking a large-scale wall painting at the Art Gallery of New South Wales during the 'Spectrum Now Festival' this March. Taking its cues from daily walks throughout the Art Gallery of New South Wales building, the content for this commission, WHAT GOES ON HERE, will be conceived entirely on site, changing and developing daily within the hours of 10am - 4pm (Wednesdays 2-8pm) during Spectrum Now.

    On these walks throughout the gallery Polo aims to collect something additional each time: a historical reference, a detail of gallery architecture, a specific colour or shape, the expression of figure in a portrait, a snippet of banal conversation between visitors, an overheard opinion about a work in the galleries, a greeting with a member of staff, an encounter with a curious visitor. These aids will then be transformed and integrated into the unfolding wall painting, resulting in a visual recording of a specific space and time, one that may tell us something new about the Art Gallery.

    The commission will be undertaken between March 2 and 13, with an artists talk commencing at 6pm on March 6.


  • 18th Feb 2016

    Michelle Ussher has been curated into The Green Ray at Wilkinson Gallery, London; an exhibition that takes its starting point from French new wave director Eric Rohmer’s 1986 film Le Rayon vert (The Green Ray). Rohmer’s film connects thematically with Jules Verne’s 1882 novel by the same name, and both film and book deal with a search for the scientific phenomenon of a rare green flash at sunset, which Verne interprets as revealing our thoughts and those of others ‘as if by magic’.

    Curated by Andrew Hunt, this group exhibition, which takes place over Wilkinson’s two galleries, presents a wide variety of material that deals with contemporary subjects of literature, cinema, painting, writing and the post-digital sublime.

    Opening on February 27 the exhibition runs until 10 April.

    (image: Michelle Ussher 'Green Ray' 2016)


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  • 6th Feb 2016

    Tony Schwensen has been curated into Support Material, Soft Furnishings, an exhibition that explores a group of artists whose practices can be located in a space between art and furniture, and/or art and dwelling. Opening at the RMIT Project Space Support Material, Soft Furnishings will attempt to collect, arrange and re-arrange a selection of works that create a tension between surface and function be that the inane, socio-political, psychological or experiential.

    Opening on February 25 the exhibition runs until 24 March.

    (image: Tony Schwensen 'Elegy to the Australian Republic (Motherwell Avoids relegation)’ 2003)

    (image courtesy of Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney)


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  • 27th Jan 2016

  • 15th Jan 2016

    Daniel Boyd’s first solo exhibition in his home state’s capital, Brisbane, will open this February at the

    Institute of Modern Art (IMA)

    . Exhibited in the IMA’s new exhibition space, 'The Green Room', an endeavour that aims to have connection to the region, this exhibition will focus on Boyd’s paintings that feature “maps”. These maps act as keys for unlocking land, sea, sky, and tracing colonial stories, from being representative of a boatman’s tale that evokes the dichotomy of this life and the next, to the utilitarian representation of ocean currents and swells. Opening on 20 February the exhibition runs until 24 March. (image: Daniel Boyd 'Untitled' 2014)Jordan Jumpman Pro AJ12.5
  • 14th Jan 2016

    Patrick Lundberg has been curated into

    Zero to Hero


    TCB art Inc

    . Curated by Chloe Geoghegan this exhibition will address the individual practices of Lundberg and Nick Austin as continuously intersecting at certain points within one narrative system, whilst also using the convention of space to form a conversation around the inevitability of location. Opening on January 20 the exhibition runs until February 6.Air Jordan VII 7.5 Ture Flight