• 18th Jan 2020

    Eugenia Lim's travelling exhibition 'The Ambassador' opens today at The Riddoch, Mount Gambier, and is showing until 23 February. ​ ​'The Ambassador' presents three distinct series by Lim that centre upon a gold-suited figure who appears halfway between truth and fantasy. In each series, Lim transforms herself into her eponymous invented persona, the Ambassador, an insatiability curious character who traverses time and space, playfully exploring Australia’s cultural and built landscapes. ​ ​​This project was commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, supported by the City of Melbourne and part of the inaugural Asia TOPA Triennial of Performing Arts. It is supported by Museums & Galleries of New South Wales. image: ​Eugenia Lim 'The People’s Currency', 2017, performance. Photo by Zan Wimberley.
  • 16th Jan 2020

    Tony Schwensen is included in The Centre, as part of Mona Foma in Launceston, on now until 19 January, at ​Elphin Sports Centre. ​ ​The exhibition takes over an old sports centre with a series of video installations, including Schwensen's 'C'mon' the documentation of a durational work he performed at the 2006 ANTI Contemporary Art Festival in Kuopio, Finland. ​ "Schwensen in his daggy dark green 'Australian' tracksuit relentlessly served, retrieved and served again a single tennis ball for eleven hours, trudging from end to end, screaming 'c'mon' after each shot - an empty exhortation to himself against the drab backdrop of a tenement building, forlorn trees and grey European skies. The work is fingernails-down-the-blackboard material- an excruciating manifestation of the ugly Australian abroad."— Blair French, 'Tony Schwensen : Love it or Leave It', 2008. ​ ​image: Tony Schwensen 'C'mon' (video still), 2006.
  • 11th Jan 2020

    Daniel Boyd's installation has been unveiled at Carriageworks for their 2020 Summer Commissions Program. ​ ​Boyd's VIDEO WORKS is a site-specific reconfiguration of three major video installations produced by the artist between 2012-18. VIDEO WORKS proposes an immersive journey through time and space, an experience that simultaneously evokes the molecular properties of matter and the expansiveness of the universe. The artist’s signature motif of the circular lens is used to fragment and disrupt Eurocentric perspectives of history, revealing that knowledge is both lost and found through information shared and obstructed. ​ image: Daniel Boyd, 'VIDEO WORKS', 2020, Carriageworks. Photo: Zan Wimberley.
  • 7th Jan 2020

    Daniel Boyd is included in AUSTRALIA. ANTIPODEAN STORIES at PAC Milano, a major exhibition showcasing contemporary art from Australia. ​ ​Curated by Eugenio Viola, the exhibition explores a constellation of practices as well as cultural, historical, political and social perspectives relating to the Australian context; geographically opposite, or 'the antipodes' to the northern hemisphere. It is showing until 9 February. ​image: 'AUSTRALIA. ANTIPODEAN STORIES' (installation view), PAC Milano. Photo: Nico Covre.
  • 30th Dec 2019

    Nell's 'Love Forever' was recently acquired by Bendigo Gallery, and is featured in their summer collection exhibition 'Talismans for uncertain times', on now until 22 March 2020. ​ ​Ronnie van Hout's 'Stand up (crawling figure)' is also included in the exhibition, which brings together a diverse cast of contemporary figurative sculpture from Bendigo Art Gallery’s collection. ​ ​image: Nell, 'Love Forever', 2017–19.
  • 26th Dec 2019

    Nell is included in the exhibition 'us. universal stories' at the newly re-opened Museum of Art and Culture (MAC), Lake Macquarie. ​ The exhibition features work by significant contemporary artists whose practices tell stories about the human condition, transcending specific politics, culture, religion, gender, geographical location. It is on now until 9 February 2020. ​ Image: Nell 'if you could hear the sound of my violin you would know how I feel', 2015
  • 13th Dec 2019

    TV Moore has been announced as one of the Artspace 2020 One Year Studio Artists. ​ ​The Artspace studio program aims to support 70+ Australian artists over 10 years by providing free studio spaces for the development of projects and exhibitions. ​ image: TV Moore, 'Vin-ish', 2015.
  • 11th Dec 2019

    Tom Polo was recently featured in Artist Profile magazine, where he spoke with Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung about the nature of his painting practice. “It may be difficult to name an Australian painter who creates work with as much intellectual rigour as Tom Polo. His practice encourages us to re-learn the act of seeing and to read paintings in a way that goes beyond the surface, into different worlds of performance and introspection. Polo breathes life into an age-old medium often seen as tired and worn down in the pulsating world of contemporary art.” – Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung ​ image: Tom Polo in the studio. Photo: Anna Kucera.
  • 9th Dec 2019

    Eugenia Lim is currently included in the exhibition 'BETWEEN TWO WORLDS' at Newcastle Regional Art Gallery. ​ ​'​BETWEEN TWO WORLDS' aims to create conversations between artists and audiences while promoting the diversity of works of art being produced by Australian artists of Chinese heritage. The exhibition acknowledges the artists who have lived, worked and are connected to China and Australia through migration, major historical events and Australia’s agricultural and industrial developments. On ​until 16 February 2020. ​ Image: Eugenia Lim 'Yellow Peril' 2015 (video still).
  • 9th Dec 2019

    Sam Martin is included in the group exhibition Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction at Block Projects. Curated by John Nixon and Justin Andrews, this ongoing exhibition series presents a broad range of conceptually rigorous works that are drawn by hand. The exhibition opens Tuesday 10 December, 6–8pm and is on until 1 February 2020. Image: Sam Martin ‘Garden of Memory’ 2019.