Ever wanted to walk in the shoes of an Olympic gymnast? How about emulating a futuristic pretense that’s equal parts street and chic?

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Founded by Olympic gymnast and namesake Mr Li-Ning in 1990, the now-iconic brand’s initial goal was to provide Olympians against a national athletic brand to wear on the global stage. (Li-Ning himself has won 106 gold medals and is widely and fondly known as “The Prince of Gymnastics”, just saying.)

Now, 30 years later, the brand is so much more than the footwear athletes turn to. Sure, Li-Ning will forever pride itself on innovation and design through neverending research and development, but it also does a stellar job at mixing this with one hell of a nod to Chinese culture and street style.

Not just a trailblazer in sport but now also design, Li-Ning is an aesthetic, an attitude and a lifestyle - it’s an unbeatable style that’s uniquely Chinese yet worn and loved by all.

From their perfectly sculpted Black Furious Rider Ace 1.5 sneakers to the truly bonkers design of their Ark low-top trainers, it’s no wonder this brand has found its place in luxury retailers and runways around the world alike, and we’re betting our bottom dollars that Li-Ning is about to take over your shoe rack.

An absolute masterclass in shoe making, you can get your hands on the shoes that draw ire from other, inferior shoes, at select Stationgallery stores and online now.