• 10th Dec 2014

    Tom Polo’s recent venture into ceramics will be shown in the group exhibition Glazed and Confused: Ceramics in Contemporary Art Practice at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre this month. The result of an invitation for established artists to undertake a residency working with clay, Polo’s take has seen his painting practice push into three-dimensions with continued use of his familiar obscured characters and flat colours. Opening on the 13th of December the exhibition runs until the 1st of February 2015.

  • 25th Nov 2014

    Michelle Ussher has been curated into Different Strokes, an exhibition that looks at a group of contemporary artists whose practices' play within both drawing and sculpture — with drawing often playing the introvert and scultpure the extrovert. The exhibition opens on the 28th of November 2014 and concludes on the 25th of January 2015 at Casula Powerhouse, Casula NSW.

  • 12th Nov 2014

    Ronnie van Hout’s band Into the Void have had a documentary made about their two plus decades of music making. Directed by Margaret Gordon, the documentary tracks their beginnings in the late 80s Christchurch underground music scene and their formation in the Ilam Arts School up to the present day. The film will be showing exclusively at Rialto Cinemas in both Auckland and Dunedin from November 13th.

  • 12th Nov 2014

    Michelle Ussher’s beautiful oil on paper works will be shown in Incidents Above A Bar (Part 5): Nine Painting Presentation; curated by Renee Cosgrave and Merryn Lloyd the exhibition is comprised of both local international painters. Taking place at The Alderman, East Bruswick, the exhibition opens on Tuesday the 18th of November from 6 - 8pm, and continues on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd from 2 - 6pm.

  • 8th Nov 2014

    Daniel Boyd will be exhibiting a new suite of paintings in the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014. Set in the major port city of Kochi, India, the second iteration of the Biennale, titled Whorled Explorations, has has been directed by the Mumbai based artist Jitish Kallat. Whorled Explorations will “bring together sensory and conceptual propositions that map our world referencing history, geography, cosmology, time, space, dreams and myths.” Opening on the 12th of December the Biennale will continue until the 29th of March 2015.

  • 17th Oct 2014

    Nell has been commissioned to make new works for Sydney-based fashion label Romance Was Born’s NGVforKIDS project Express yourself at the National Gallery of Victoria. This vibrantly designed interactive exhibition allows children and their families to explore spectacular displays of art works, fashion and other surprises. On until the 22nd of March 2015 at NGV International.

  • 16th Oct 2014

    Tom Polo has been curated into Sideshow, an exhibition that adopts the spatial logic of the circus sideshow as an allegorical blueprint for exhibition display. Curated by Isobel Parker Philip and showing at UTS Gallery in Sydney the exhibition will open on the 28th of October and will run until the 28th of November. 

  • 7th Oct 2014

    Visit The Design Files to read their recent interview with Jon in his Coburg studio.

  • 30th Sep 2014

    Along with composer Huw Hallam, Michelle Ussher transformed one of her short stories into a 10 minute opera sung by Daniel Sinsel and Tom Woolner, wearing costumes also designed and made by the artist. The opera is based on a surreal psychological romance between two eyeballs, and the singers act as the psyche of the two sculptures, titled respectively Camilla and Ugo.

  • 25th Sep 2014

    We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Robert Hunter, Australia’s exemplary minimalist artist. Known for his delicately nuanced paintings of shades of white, Hunter was famously exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art’s 1974 exhibition Eight Contemporary Artists and continued to show his subtle and poetic works both nationally and internationally until his passing. Our heartfelt condolences are with his wife Janice and the rest of his family and friends.