• 10th May 2016

    Marian Tubbs is currently showing new works in Abstract Sex* at Bard College's Hessel Museum of Art in upstate New York. Curated by Dana Kopel, ‘Abstract Sex*’ explores the expansion and dispersion of sex in material, biochemical, and technological formations, positing a mode of post-sex arising from the destabilization of the categories of gender and humanity.
    The exhibition runs until 29 May.
    (image: Marian Tubbs ‘runoff’ (detail) 2016)
  • 3rd May 2016

    Ronnie van Hout is presenting a group of works in Design & Play, an exhibition that probes the interdisciplinary and poetic role of play within the everyday through the eyes of designers and artists. Exhibited at the RMIT Design Hub, Design & Play, via a diverse range of research projects, installations and artist works, explores play as a creative, social, cultural and political act and mode of practice.

    The exhibition runs until 15 May.

    (image: Ronnie van Hout 'Being Seen' (detail) 2011)

  • 21st Apr 2016

    Tony Schwensen has been curated into Borders, Barriers, Walls at the Monash University Museum of Art, an exhibition that reflects on how these selectively impervious, contested or convoluted forms shape the world, producing situations of separation, isolation or thwarted passage across the globe.
    Curated by Francis E. Parker the exhibition opens on 4 May and runs until 2 July.
    (image: Tony Schwensen ‘Border Protection Assistance Proposed Monument for the Torres Strait (Am I ever going to see your face again?)’ 2002)
    (image courtesy of Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney)
  • 28th Mar 2016

    Join Steve Carr at The Australian Centre for The Moving Image for an immersive evening of discussion as he muses on the cinematic moments and delicate transformative objects found in his exhibition, A Manual for Small Archives, at Centre for Contemporary Photography.
    Friday 1 April, 5:30 – 7:00 pm, bookings essential.
  • 27th Mar 2016

    A Manual for Small Archives at the Centre for Contemporary Photography sees Steve Carr looking back over a set of works from the recent past through a seemingly objective filter. This exhibition seeks to assess how these artworks shape and influence one another and in this new context generate another set of readings and understandings. While the artist would usually be archived as a practitioner producing a single body of work, this exhibition suggests that actually he is generating a series of experiments that expand out and offer a range of multiple potential outcomes beyond an individual classification.

    Opening on 31 March the exhibition runs until 22 May

    (image: Steve Carr 'Smoke Bubble #1' 2015-16)

  • 24th Mar 2016

    James Deutsher in collaboration with FIXXED Studios will be exhibiting in The Future of Fashion is Now at OCT Art & Design Gallery in Shenzhen, China; an exhibition that presents the fashion of the future as envisaged by the youngest generation of fashion designers. All exhibitors practices employ futuristic technologies, innovative manufacturing processes and the sustainability of closing as guiding principles to shape the fashion of tomorrow.

    Opening on 26 March the exhibition runs until 31 July.

  • 17th Mar 2016

    Ronnie van Hout will be exhibiting works along side 9 other artists at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne in conjunction with the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Is This Thing On? is a celebration of humour, wit and weirdness, and like comedians, risk  humiliation, insult and indifference.

    Opening on March 18 the exhibition runs until 24 April.

    (image: Ronnie van Hout 'Punk on a Bed' 2015)

  • 15th Mar 2016

    Patrick Lundberg will be presenting works along side Richard Frater in the exhibition Forget me, forget me at North Projects in Christchurch this March.

    Opening on 24 March the exhibition runs until 16 April.

  • 11th Mar 2016

    Patrick Lundberg will be one of five artists presenting recent works in Economy, an exhibition of abstract and semi-figurative paintings that are characterised by subtlety and sometimes humour. Curated by Serena Bentley at West Space, Economy highlights the artists’ varied approaches to materiality, as evidenced in the application of paint or pigments to canvas and found materials. Together, their practices intersect through a shared interest in the expanded possibilities of painting and in the creation of works defined by a certain economic incisiveness.

    Opening on 17 March the exhibition runs until 16 April

    (image: Patrick Lundberg 'No title 1', 2014)


  • 8th Mar 2016

    Michelle Ussher will be presenting a group of works in Dancing Umbrellas: An Exhibition of Movement and Light at Heide Museum of Modern Art this March. This exhibition of moving image, performance, painting and object-based works by contemporary Australian artists creates a spatio-temporal and visually immersive environment. With movement, light and elements of performance being variously utilised by the exhibiting artists to explore ideas about perception and time, and to evoke a sense of otherworldliness or dreams.

    Opening on March 8 the exhibition runs until 5 June.

    (image: Michelle Ussher 'Tweak my Tendril' 2015')