Nell 'Eveleigh Treehouse'

5th Dec 2019

'Eveleigh Treehouse' created by Nell, in collaboration with Cave Urban, has been selected by Artsy as one of the best public art installations of 2019. ​ Providing a destination and place of contemplation on Eveleigh Green, the work references the history and character of the Eveleigh railway area in its design and materials, whilst also embodying a personal connection to the site for the artist, whose great-grandfather worked as a boilermaker at Eveleigh from 1931–1952. Created in consultation with the local community, over 400 people welded individual metal gum leaves with personal inscriptions, imbuing the anthropomorphic structures with a face, spirit, and personality. ​ ​Image: Nell and Cave Urban, 'Eveleigh Treehouse', 2019, Sydney. Co-commissioned by Mirvac and Carriageworks. Curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham. Photo by Nelson Cortez.affiliate link trace | Footwear